McCormick, Miller, Rombough, Williams Families

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 Introduction To Our Site.   

We are members of the McCormick and Miller families.  We have created this site to help document our Family Histories and those related to us by marriage. We have included our New Members Accomplishments, and Memorialized some of our Family Members who have passed-on, as well.


We hope that combining our former individual sites will enrich your experience and perhaps foster new friendships.  To this end, our site is created with CMS (Content Management Systems) technology.  This allows us to offer a variety of types of information in simple to use and read formats.  


Genealogy Crossword Puzzles.


Test your knowledge  Test your knowledge and learn more about Genealogy and your family history.


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Contributing To Our Site.

Become an Author  CMS also allows us to conveniently invite you to become an author and add content to our pages.  We encourage you to apply for Author status and share what you know about the families we are presently documenting.  If you are on a branch of our tree that could be added, let us know.  We can consider adding it.


Finding Your Family Genealogy and Photo Albums.

To protect the confidentiality of living members, you must register to see the genealogy of a family.  Use the left column Login Form create an account link to register.  To get to the family you wish to visit use the Top Menu Family Name links.  In each family pages there are links to the photo albums in the right panel, in the center text, and the center tables. 

If you are a researcher, there are news feeds and links at the bottom of the family pages.  There are also links to research resources in the left panel top menu on this page.  Enjoy your visit.  If you can contribute articles or photos for your family, contact us to share them.


What You Will Find Here. 

  • Memorial pages for Jacob Henry Miller II, father to Jacob Henry III, Norma Jean, Marilyn Marie, and Melody Ann.
  • Memorial pages for Nial Raymond McCormick, father to Daniel Patrick, Terrence Nial, and Kathleen Mary.
  • Picasa photo albums for several branches of our families.
  • Family Registers
  • Ancestry Charts
  • Family Albums
  • Historical Summaries
  • Research Links

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Member Forum.

Member Forum  If you are a member, visit our Member Forum to tell us what you know about your family, what you would like added to our site, or anything else about Genealogy.  You can ask questions on the forum or use the left panel menu link.


To Contact Us. 

Click Link to Send us an Email  You can contact us by sending an Email, or by using the Visitor Help Menu item at the Top Left, or by posting on our Customer Forum, or by using our Info Icon links at the Top of Some Articles.   Let us know if you need help or wish to make a suggestion.  We welcome your comments.


Enjoy your visit.  We hope that you will Register and become an Author so we will have the benefit of your experience and knowledge.  Please fill-out our Guestbook before you leave.

Dan and Marilyn McCormick, Webmasters.


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